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Titans vs. Lions: What are the odds?

Looking at what the people in Vegas think about this weekend’s game.

Detroit Lions vTennessee Titans

The Titans are anywhere from a 5.5 to 6 point underdog this Sunday against the Lions. Last week, for recreational purposes only, I told you to take the Titans +3. I was wrong, and now Greenlaw is going to sue me.

This week, for recreational purposes only, I am telling you to take the Lions -5.5 or 6. If the Titans fail to get pressure on Matthew Stafford he is going to have his way with the defense. The secondary looked OK against the Vikings, but Minnesota doesn’t even want to pass the ball. The Lions do. A LOT.

As Lambert said this morning, it is probably a good idea for the Titans to get back to smashmouth in this one. They are going to need to control the clock and keep Stafford and company off the field.

The total here is 47. I am afraid that the Lions might hit that number on their own. The Titans will need to score a lot to keep this one close, so take the over here.