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Titans VP of communications Jimmy Stanton resigns

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Maybe this is like Survivor. Every week where that the Titans lose someone gets voted off the island (isn't that how Survivor works??). Anyway, Jimmy Stanton, the former Titans VP of communications, has resigned today, according to The Tennessean, after less than a year with the team to pursue other career opportunities and endeavors.

Stanton had this to say about his time with the team:

I am appreciative for the opportunity I was afforded to return to the Tennessee Titans," Stanton said in a written statement released by the team. "There are other career opportunities and endeavors I am interested in pursuing at this time, and I look forward to watching all of the future success on the horizon for this team.

Titans president and CEO Steve Underwood had this to say about Staton:

I have known Jimmy for close to 20 years, which includes two tenures with our organization," Titans president and CEO Steve Underwood said in the release. "We are grateful for his contributions to the team since his return last summer. He will be missed and we wish him and his family the best in what lies ahead.

Both quotes from the linked Tennessean article.