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Titans color rush uniforms unveiled

The Titans will host the color rush game this year against the Jaguars.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

For the second straight year, the Titans will take on the Jaguars in the “color rush” game. This year it will be at Nissan Stadium. Jim Wyatt tweeted out a preview of the uniforms earlier today:

You can see more photos of the Titans in the uniforms, which are pretty much the same as last year, here.

@UniWatch (a great follow) tweeted out the group shot here:

One of my favorite things about the “color rush” is watching all of the social media accounts for the various NFL teams acting like they are really excited about wearing these uniforms. Sure, some of them aren’t that bad- the Titans isn’t really that much different than what they usually wear, but some of them are pretty bad. I remember watching the Jets and Bills last year and feeling like I was watching a Christmas special.

What are your thoughts on the whole “color rush” thing the NFL does?