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Tennessee Titans News Links: Press Conference!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Alright let's just get this out of the way first. The Titans are looking to trim Casey's playing time. Why? The thought is they can maximize his impact if they trim his playing time. Cue the hysteria. The quote:

"Actually we think he ought to play less, a few snaps less," Mularkey said. "He's a high-motor, hard guy to block when he's at full speed. He played a lot of snaps in a row. I'm not talking a dramatic amount (less). But we thought after watching him and the way he plays, probably less."

Naturally fans are collectively losing their minds. I can get the reasoning. If dude is tired/winded then he isn't going to play as hard as he would if he was rested. It's almost like they are suggesting implementing some kind of rotation or something...weird. Let's hear it from Casey himself!

Casey said his current percentage of snaps will likely stay close to the same.

"It will probably stick around that same level, depending on what I feel my conditioning is," Casey said. "If I feel like I need to take a little less reps to let myself be fresher coming in on third down, I should do that. But it's up to the coaches if they want me out there."

Quick Hit: Mularkey encouraged Williamson to wear his 9/11 cleats.

The Titans made a move yesterday. They waived third string QB Alex Tanney, and re-signed cornerback Cody Riggs. Personally I'm glad to see Riggs back on the roster. Didn't really understand why the team was holding onto three QBs. Riggs was originally waived when the team picked up Josh Kline.

Quick Hit: How the Titans failed to finish off Minnesota.

Next up on the Titans schedule are the Detroit Lions. Last week the Lions defeated the Colts (love when that team loses), and unfortunately their offense looked great while doing so. Stafford went 31 of 39 for 340 yards. I'm officially not looking forward to Sunday (surprise me, Titans!). On the flip side: their defense looked stinky. They surrendered 458 yards, and of that they allowed Luck to throw 368 of those yards for 4 touchdowns. Holy. Dear Titans offense: do not turn the ball over.

Quick Hit: Breaking down that failed trick play.

Six hot topics from Mularkey's Press Conference. Mariota's ball security. Hold. Onto. The. Ball. PLEASE. I believe Mariota will learn from his mistakes, but dang. Watching some film. Mularkey watched tape from Sunday, and felt the defense played really well. They certainly succeeded at stopping Adrian Peterson. Injuries: Derrick Morgan injured him hamstring on Sunday, and likely won't practice on Wednesday. Kendall Wright also won't practice on Wednesday as well. Mularkey encouraged Williamson to wear his 9/11 cleats. Mularkey even told him he would take care of the his fine if he were to receive one. Mularkey supported McCourty, Casey, and Woodyard holding up their fists after the National Anthem was played. The article concludes with the now infamous comments on trimming Casey's snaps.

Quick Hit: Titans defenders want to create turnovers against the Lions.

That's all for today. Happy reading!