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Mike Mularkey told Avery Williamson to wear the 9/11 tribute cleats

Mularkey went as far to say he told Williamson he would have been disappointed in him if he didn’t wear the cleats.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mularkey was asked about Avery Williamson’s 9/11 tribute cleats in today’s press conference. Mularkey said he told Williamson that he would be disappointed in him if he didn’t wear the clears. Mularkey also said that he would pay the fine for Williamson if the NFL decides to fine him.

Mularkey joins police unions from New York and New Jersey have people who have offered to pay the fine for Williamson. Hopefully the NFL will make the right decision and decide not to punish him for the cleats. Odds are the won’t make the right decision because they never do.