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Robert Griffin III to IR....again

The Titans will see someone other than RG3 when they take on Cleveland in week 6.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III was injured yesterday running the football. It’s Deja Vu all over again. The Browns have placed him on IR today. One quick note about IR this year, teams don’t have to designate the player for return like they did in the past. They are allowed to bring one player back after 8 weeks during the season. All of that to say, the move today doesn’t mean that Griffin’s season is over.

The Browns come to Nissan Stadium in week 6. Now while you might be thinking that the Titans will be catching a break by getting the Browns back-up when they play, keep in mind that they lost to a different Browns back-up, Johnny Manziel, just last year.

It will be Josh McCown who now takes the reigns for Cleveland. He put together some pretty nice numbers last year when healthy. There is no doubt he will be even better with Hue Jackson as his coach. (Can you imagine how much better the offense here would look with Jackson as the....Let it Go!, Jommy)