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The Titans pass rush is still an issue

The Titans blitzed, A LOT, and didn’t get to Shaun Hill.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

One of the problems with yesterday’s game was the Titans inability to get any pressure on Vikings’ QB Shaun Hill. According to Pro Football Focus the Titans blitzed on 42.9% of Minnesota’s pass plays and didn’t record a sack. That’s bad, and if you think Hill lit them up, just wait and see what Matthew Stafford will do against them next week on the turf in Detroit. Spoiler alert: It won’t be pretty.

Now Kevin Dodd only played 13 snaps in this game. Dodd is still getting up to speed after missing the majority of the offseason with a foot injury. He is the only guy the Titans brought in this offseason to help with the pass rush. Hopefully he will be able to do just that once he gets back in football shape.

PFF graded out Derrick Morgan really well. He had 4 hurries on 23 pass rushing snaps according to their metrics. Morgan always grades out well with them, but I need to see him actually get the quarterback on the ground. Of course that is going to be tough with his hamstring injury.

Dick LeBeau is one of the greatest defensive coordinators in the history of the world. If anyone can figure it out he can, but he better get started because Stafford has to be licking his chops after what he saw from the Titans against the Vikings.