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Tennessee Titans News Links: "People talk about things..."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
John Glennon gives us five burning questions for the Titans versus the Dolphins. First: can the running game continue to have success? So far the Titans have averaged 172 yards on the ground this preseason, and both Murray and Henry have been carrying the rock really well. Let's hope that success continues. Second: can the first team defense stop a first drive? I certainly hope so. Holy. Third: will someone win a roster spot? Some interesting players to keep an eye on are Hunter, Andrews, Sims, and Reed. Fourth: will Cox's return help stabilize the secondary? Seriously hope so. Finally: can the Titans find a kick returner? The Titans are currently dead last in return yards this preseason (yikes). Reed will be getting a bulk of the work against Miami. Good luck, Reed!

Quick Hit: Blake has sucked, but the coaches are defending him.

Three quick notes from Jim Wyatt before today's game. Sankey is hoping he can finish strong. He has one more chance to prove himself to the coaching staff, and he isn't sure if it's too late. Currently he is just trying to compete and bring his A game. Not part of Wyatt's article, but Hunter is another player who is looking to go out and give it his all tonight. This game is Tanney's chance to get some extensive playing time. So far this preseason he has gone 20/29 for 189 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. It was mentioned in the first paragraph, but Kalan Reed will be getting a chance in the return game. Reed has shown he can catch the ball well during practice, but he needs to get some reps in an actual game.

Quick Hit: Cody Riggs gives his perspective in the "DirectSnaps" series.

Terry McCormick offers up some things to watch for during the game today. He mentions watching Blake to see if he gets back on track, and how the cornerback situation will be sorted out (dang it's a mess). He talks about seeing how Tanney will look. It's highly unlikely the team will carry three quaterbacks, and I'm sure the team would like to have him on the practice squad, but he would have to clear waivers for that to happen, and there are some teams out there *cough* Vikings *cough* Cowboys *cough cough* who could use some QB help right now. Will McBride be in or out after this game? There is doubt that the team will carry six receivers, and McBride hasn't solidified a role in the return game just yet. Finally: who will be the big surprise? Who is going to be wicked impressive this game, and make the final cut? Guess we will find out soon enough!

Quick Hit: Rishard Matthews faces his old team today.

That's all for today. Happy reading!