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Tennessee Titans News Links: Day 5 News!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Jim Wyatt gives us some quick observations from day 5 of Training Camp. He points out some players that stood out, he says there is a learning curve happening with Derrick Henry, and of course injuries. A neat little tidbit: Tim Shaw was listed on the roster that was handed out to fans and the media at practice.

Quick Hit: Ben Roberts and his unlikely path to the Titans' Training Camp.

Jon Robinson is wanting a team full of uncomfortable players. He wants dependable, reliable, and team-first guys. What doesn't he want? Divas or guys who are comfortable. He wants guys to feel at home, and fired up to come to work, but he wants players to remember that it's all about wins and losses. Work hard dang it!

Quick Hit: The Titans are wanting Derrick Henry to be a faster starter.

Andre Johnson is already fitting in with the team. Johnson is glad to be with the team, and is happy for the opportunity to play. Offensive Coordinator Terry Robiskie says Andre doesn't look "old" and has been moving very smoothly. He's been having fun, and trying to learn everything with the offense, as well as fitting in and learning his role.

From one Wide Receiver to another: Kendall Wright is currently losing crucial time due to his injury. Mularkey states that everyday is critical when it comes to Training Camp, and it's unfortunate that Wright is missing time, but he really needs to get back.

Rapid Links!
How pinball helped Dick LeBeau learn to scheme.
LeBeau's bad British accent cost him a speaking spot in a 1970 film.
Kevin Dodd doesn't want missed time to define his rookie season.
Photo gallery from day 5 of Training Camp.

That's all for today. Happy reading!