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Titans training camp day 5 recap

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Kendall Wright missed practice today with a hamstring injury. As we talked about this morning, that created an opportunity for some other guys to step up. Harry Douglas and Tre McBride did just that. McBride's name keeps popping up on Twitter during practices. I still think it is a long-shot for him to make the roster, but he is going to make it a tough decision.

Speaking of Wright's injury, Mike Mularkey isn't apparently very thrilled that Wright isn't out there:

John Glennon had this to say about the Titans running back rotation to this point:

Remember when people said Marcus Mariota didn't have enough personality to be a leader? Well he got mad today:

Apparently that's news.

And now for everyone's favorite part of the recap, the Terry McCormick tweet of the day. This time it is an entire series of tweets: