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Tennessee Titans News Links: "It means the world..."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

"I've been everywhere, man,
I've been everywhere, man...."

Titans Links!
The Titans had the day off from training camp yesterday, but they're back at it today. Something cool that was reported though was that the Titans signed Tim Shaw, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2014, to a one day deal, and will then move him to the Reserve/Retire list. This will make Shaw a Titan for life. The signing means a lot to him, and he loves the support that the entire organization has been giving him. He hopes to maintain a presence with the team when he can, but he understands his condition makes that a challenge. Still, he feels he is doing OK, and is happy to once again be a Titan.

Quick Hit: Titans sign Tim Shaw to a one day contract.

Kendall Wright has been looking good in the slot. He tweaked his hamstring on Tuesday, and it's not clear if he will be back today or not, but he's been playing the slot position whenever he is out on the field. He made two great plays before having to take the day off due to injury, and he realizes he needs to continue to make great plays as the practices and season progresses.

That's all for today. Happy reading!