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Exploring Andre Johnson's Contract Details

It's a very team friendly deal.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The signing of Andre Johnson was a surprise to just about everyone last week. It was clear that the team was less than thrilled with the depth and experience of the receivers, so Jon Robinson called Johnson to see if anything was left in the tank. Judging from the contract, there's no way the Titans can lose on this deal.

Johnson will receive no guaranteed money from the Titans. He will receive no signing bonus. Johnson will make $985,000 (the veteran minimum) this season, assuming he makes the final 53. That's a long fall from his three year, 21 million dollar deal he signed with Indy last season.

After 2016, Johnson will move to the top of the most likely to be cut list. He's due a $500,000 bonus at the start of the new league year and will receive a base salary of two million. I'd be absolutely floored if he sticks around to collect all of that.

In simple terms, the Titans can get out of this deal at any time with a clean break. There's no risk involved here. They get to see what Andre has left while adding an accomplished veteran to the receiver room. It's a win-win. I'm not entirely convinced Johnson makes the final cut, but adding competition to guys like Justin Hunter and Harry Douglas can't hurt -- especially when you're getting him for the veteran minimum.