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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I feel a lot better this year."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Observations from yesterday's practice time! Antwon Blake is still on the team. His practices have been pretty good, but his performance in preseason games has been, well, sucky. He says he is his own worst critic, and feels he has been "decent" at best. He feels his best is yet to come, and is looking to improve. We'll see. Wright didn't practice yesterday, and he will not be going to Miami. He showed up with a high temperature yesterday, so the Titans sent him home early. Lastly everyone's favorite Kona Ice truck made an appearance again!

Quick Hit: Henry and Murray give the Titans offense an identity.

The Titans said, "Deuces," to running back David Cobb yesterday. He was a fifth round pick last year, and is the fourth player from the class to be shown the door. He spent half the season on IR last year, and was limited when he returned to the field. The backfield was pretty crowded, so it makes sense there would be some thinning of the herd there. More cuts will be coming, so get ready!

Quick Hit: PK takes a look at some of the players cut so far.

Jon Gruden is expecting the Titans to show some dramatic improvements.He is high on Mariota (isn't he high on just about every quarterback though?), and feels that he (Mariota) and the improved running game will make this team drastically better. He likes Mariota's work ethic, his intangibles, and feels he learned a lot from his first year in the NFL. Gruden spent a lot of time studying the team this preseason. He likes seeing a team going back to "the way it was." He really digs Murray and Henry, and has loved the schemes he has seen out of the offensive line to help them get downfield.

Quick Hit: Pump fakes make Mariota even more dangerous as a runner.

Bonus Quick Hit: Fowler wants to make a bigger impact in his second season.

That's all for today. Happy reading!