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Bill Barnwell projects future Hall of Famers on the Titans

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We talked earlier today about the lack of talent on the Titans roster. We have another evidence of that in Bill Barnwell's article where he projected a potential Hall of Famer (or two) from every NFL team. The 2 players he highlighted for the Titans, DeMarco Murray and Andre Johnson, have yet to play a snap for the Titans in a game.

Murray is a long-shot at best to make the Hall. Barnwell alludes to that in his write up:

Yes, DeMarco Murray could revitalize his career in Tennessee with Mike Mularkey's exotic smashmouth approach, but injuries kept him from realizing his promise until that dominant 2014 campaign. That guy could come back, but it's unlikely.

The chances are much better for Johnson. He is currently 9th in career receiving yards (14,100) and is only 1,128 yards away from moving all the way up to 5th. As Barnwell mentioned, AJ has made 7 Pro Bowls and been named to 2 All-Pro teams. He probably gets in, but it won't be first ballot.