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How long will the Titans starters play in preseason game #3?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
Unless the coach is Jeff Fisher, starters play the longest in the 3rd preseason game. It used to be that they would play one series in the 3rd quarter to get accustomed to going in at halftime and coming back out to play. That doesn't seem to be the case that much anymore. They usually just play the entire first half.

With that being said, Mike Mularkey was asked how long the Titans starters will play against the Raiders:

So there you have it. They will head into the game with some specific things they want to see and the starters will play until they have seen it. That actually makes a lot more sense than putting a number on it. I hate it when Mularkey does something that makes sense. It makes me almost think he can be good coach....Let it go, Let it goooooo....