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How do the Titans replace Craig Stevens?

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Craig Stevens retired yesterday. The timing isn't great, but he said his heart wasn't in it this year, so you cannot blame him for walking away. It does, however, leave the Titans with a pretty big hole in their offense. While Stevens was never a star catching the football, though his hands were underrated, he was a big part of the rushing game.

How will the Titans replace him in their "exotic smashmouth" scheme? You can assume Philip Supernaw will assume some of the responsibilities. He is kind of a poor man's Craig Stevens (you know, not as good with more penalties). Mike Mularkey also said after practice today that they could use Dennis Kelly in that role.

You might remember the Titans did something similar a few years ago with Mike Otto. He was the Titans swing tackle for quite a few years, and they liked to bring him in when it was time to go with the heavy lineups. That could be Kelly for this team.

Stevens was an underrated part of this offense. It won't be easy to replace him, but the Titans have plenty of options on the current roster to do so. They could also look for a guy that is cut by another team with a similar skill set.