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Tennessee Titans News Links: "Craig is a consummate pro."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Must be the sign on my head, it says,
'Oh love me dead!' Love me dead..."

Titans Links!
Cut Stevens? Not quite. Yesterday Craig Stevens announced his retirement from the NFL. He was a solid blocking Tight End, and played for the Titans his entire 8 year career. His agent stated Stevens feels fine, and that he is just ready for the next chapter in his life. Mularkey let it be known that Stevens is a consummate pro, and that he is always welcome around the team. The Titans now have Walker, Fasano, Supernaw, (Jerome) Cunningham, and (Alex) Ellis playing the Tight End position. Don't be surprised if they bring someone on once cuts get started.

Quick Hit: Is Tajae Sharpe in a perfect situation for early success?

Observations from Tuesday's practice by Jim Wyatt comin' at ya. Kendall Wright is close to returning. He's been running on the side field during practices, and he's also been catching passes from the JUGS machine. Wright is just ready and wanting to get some playing time in before the regular season begins. Antonio Andrews is feeling good. Mularkey says Andrews has the edge over some of the backs looking for a roster spot because of his ability to protect on the edge, and his ability on Special Teams. Injury wise: Wright, Cox, and Gallik are still on the mend.

Quick Hit: Taking a gander at the Wide Receivers.

As was kind of mentioned above: Kendall Wright is missing getting work in with Mariota. He is itching to get back to work, and is wanting to improve his chemistry with Marcus Mariota. Wright and Mariota played a little bit of catch before training camp, during OTAs, minicamp, and at the start of Training Camp, but he is ready to get reps in with the guy before season begins. Wright is looking to play in the final preseason game against Miami. Most starters will more than likely be benched during that game, but Wright doesn't care. He's just ready to see some action again, and get back into the swing of things.

Quick Hit: Let's rate stuff! PK rates the Titans' depth by position.

The Titans couldn't seem to score during their first two possessions last Saturday, so they turned to the no-huddle.Doing so allowed Mariota to guide the team down the field for 81 yards, and capped things off with a TD pass to Harry Douglas. They also ran the no-huddle against the Chargers, and doing so also produced a TD: Murray's 71 yard touchdown run. Mariota is quite familiar with running the no-huddle since it's what he did quite frequently at Oregon. No-huddle or not: Mariota is looking and wanting to score on every possession.

Quick Hit: Some notes about the Titans going against the Raiders.

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