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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I'm a gatherer."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Go, get ur freak on,
Go, get ur, get ur, get ur, get ur, get ur freak on..."

Titans Links!
Saturday night was Derrick Henry's first real test in the NFL. How did he do? Did he ace the test? Against the Panthers he ran five times for a total of 31 yards. Mularkey said he felt Henry still ran with some power, and saw piles moving as he ran. Mike also noticed quite a bit of defenders going for Henry's legs, something defenders need to learn not to do if they plan on bringing the big guy down. Henry just wants to practice more and work on quickness. He wants to do all that he can to make defenders miss, and to keep chugging along to gain yards.

Quick Hit: Mike Mularkey is a hoarder.

Some quick observations from Monday's practice from Jim Wyatt. We have learned that Dodd and Wallace are good to go. Well...ready to go anyway. Both players have been working on getting back onto the field, and they should get that chance against the Raiders on Saturday. Sebastian Tretola has been showing some improvement in these recent weeks. Mularkey says that Tretola could be getting some work in with the first group (at left guard). Sebastian says the game is starting to slow down for him, that he knows his plays, and knows his playbook. Injury wise: Wright is still out (shocker), and McCourty returned to practice. Also we learned the starters are going to play a full half on Saturday.

Quick Hit: Andre Johnson wants to practice, and perform for the Titans.

In addition to giving Tretola some time with the first group; Dodd may be getting some reps with the first team. Last week Dodd was taken off the PUP list, and has been working hard to get into football shape. He wants to get the practice reps, and as many reps as he can during a live game. He's pumped to get started, and to compete with the team.

That's all for today. Happy reading!