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Dorial Green Beckham "Not Sure" Why Titans Traded Him

Can anyone fill him in?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few days removed from a trade that sent receiver Dorial Green-Beckham off to Philadelphia, the second year player spoke to the Philadelphia Inquirer. He told the local paper that he was "not necessarily sure" on why the Titans chose to deal him.

A statement like that should tell you all that you need to know about DGB.

Maybe he was just performing some damage control or playing dumb, but I'm not buying it. When you take over the starting job as a highly drafted rookie, you aren't supposed to get run out of town by a fifth round pick the next year. You're telling me DGB didn't know something was up when he saw that he was buried on the team's first depth chart release?

How about when Mike Mularkey publicly called him out for not working hard enough on his own? That was another red flag. If you don't want it bad enough in this league, you aren't going to get it. That appears to be the case with DGB (and Justin Hunter for that matter.)

Green-Beckham said he showed up to the Titans’ training camp "in great condition" and did "everything I needed to do" there, including stay after practice and put in extra work. The Titans wanted to see more consistency from him, and he said he must focus on "eliminating mental errors."

Clearly the team felt differently. If he did what he said, he wouldn't be an Eagle right now. Hopefully he can get it together with a new organization before it's too late.