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Tennessee Titans News Links: "Good to have him out there..."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Acting like a goof to be accepted by my peers,
Giving meaning to pencil-necked-geek,
A dork or so to speak, tongue in cheek..."

Titans Links!
Kevin Dodd is off the PUP list, and even practiced yesterday!!!! This was his first training camp practice, but feels his conditioning needs some work (he himself said he needs to spend more time on the treadmill). Dodd has surgery on his foot way back in May, and so far he's been looking pretty good. Mularkey said it was good to have him out there, and the Titans are hoping to have him ready for some preseason action by the time they play the Raiders on the 27th of this month. In addition to taking Dodd off the PUP list; the Titans brought in two new receivers: Jarrod West and Donte Foster.

Quick Hit: Pick a number, Derrick Henry, any number.

Observations from day fourteen time! Jim Wyatt gives us some little nuggets from yesterday's practice. He let's us know that Tre McBride had a great practice and Sharpe is still making plays, Riggs had a pick, Murray and Rashad Johnson exchanged some words, Dennis Kelly showed up to camp (and that dude big), it was already said but Dodd returned to practice, and then he finishes off with the typical injuries and tidbits.

Quick Hit: Mariota reppin' the 808

Byard is a ball hawk, and he is turning heads. The safety position has, in professional terms, sucked these past few years. Some help was definitely needed, and they got some help in the third round of the draft when they decided to draft Byard. He has been impressive since practices began, but these past few days have made it more clear what he brings to the position. Players are describing him as a ball hawk, and Mularkey has said he is very nosy around the ball (which is a good thing). Looks like he might have been a good get!

Rapid Hits!
Kalan Reed had a flashback to his youth during the preseason opener.
Woodyard went "too far" with the shave ice.
Photos from day fourteen of Training Camp.

That's all for today. Happy reading!