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OL Film: Quick Look at Dennis Kelly

See how Dennis Kelly fared when he and his former team took on the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Network showed the Philadelphia - Tampa Bay game this afternoon and I thought I would take the opportunity to look at the newest member of Tennessee's offensive line.

Dennis Kelly, wearing number 67, played exclusively right tackle in this matchup. He was in for most of the first quarter and part of the second.

Below are some quick videos and thoughts on his play.

Our first play here shows Kelly up against impressive defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. Kelly initially takes on McCoy individually, but then gets a little help blocking from the guard too. I think Kelly showed solid strength here. You can see what makes McCoy so good, he still manages a strong push despite going up against two lineman once the play develops.

Next up we have Kelly in pass protection, this time taking on a linebacker. He anticipates contact well here, but does give up ground once the LB really digs in. It would have been interesting to see how the rest of the play went, had the guard not given up the QB pressure by then. Kelly still had his man locked up at that point.

We know the Titans are going to run the ball a lot, and its easy to see in the next video what Jon Robinson and Mike Mularkey like about Kelly's game. He basically controls his man throughout this run, initially moving him off the line of scrimmage (watch where they make contact and where they end up, relative to the blue line) and then sealing off the edge to create a run lane.

Robert Ayers gets a crack at Kelly now. Below, you can see him first attack wide then spin inside. I'm torn on this play. Ultimately its not affected by Ayers getting free and Kelly still holds good position, but he also benefits from Chase Daniel escaping to the left.

I'm going to showcase two plays here back-to-back because I think they show a theme in this game for Kelly. The first play is another bull rush, which Kelly handles easily. In the second one, the end goes wide and beats him badly.

Finally, the caption in the Tweet should do this one justice:

Obviously this is an extremely tiny sample size and in a preseason game too, so that really makes an evaluation difficult. I thought he did well in this game, but we'll have a lot more tape to consider once we see him in a Titans uniform.