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Tre McBride worked with the first team last night

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Kendall Wright is still out of practice with a hamstring injury. Mike Mularkey must be really pissed at this point. Harry Douglas earned the night off last night, so that gave Tre McBride an opportunity to work with the first team as the slot receiver.

McBride was said to have a good practice last night, so it sounds like he was able to make the most of the opportunity. I am going to do a new 53-man roster projection in the next couple of days. The receiver position is going to be one that I struggle to figure out.

My first projection did not include Douglas (or Dexter McCluster, but that is a different type of flying all together). I am now pretty convinced that both of those guys are going to make the team. McBride was one of those "last guy on" type of players for that one.

I will have to find 2 guys from the last list to cut...will be interesting. Stay tuned.