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Tennessee Titans News Links: They Won the First One!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Summer of 1978,
My sister and I in the back seat just wait..."

Titans Links!
So I didn't get to physically watch the game on Saturday, but the Titans won 27 - 10 against the Charg-uhs! If you missed the game like I did: John Glennon offers us an "instant analysis" of the game. He runs down a lot of what happened during the game (such as Murray and Henry being impressive, Mariota's perfect five passes, the slow start by the Defense, and other things). He also gives us some "Thumbs Up" moments of the game, and some "Thumbs Down" moments as well. The "Smashmouth" running game is one of his thumbs ups, and Red Zone penalties are one of his thumbs down.

Quick Hit: Henry's agility impressed the Titans in their preseason win.

Both Murray and Henry started big for the Titans on Saturday. Both dudes even ran in a Touchdown each. Murray's was on a 71 yard run! Paul K breaks down the "anatomy" of that run. He breaks down some of the blocks that allowed that play to happen, and the emphasis is on Douglas. The block Douglas made was "huge," and it was made on a player that Mariota identified, and told Douglas, "Dude. Block that guy right there. DO IT!" (My words not his).

Quick Hit: Mariota got off to a nice start in the first preseason game.

One of the biggest talks from camp has been the rising of rookie Wide Receiver Tajae Sharpe. Fans were eager to see if all of this talk about him was #CampHype or if the dude was for real. We were able to finally see him in action on Saturday, but unfortunately his playing time would be cut short due to an injury. He caught two passes during Saturday's game, and his second catch (good for 31 yards) led to his injury (correction: his first catch led to his injury...this is what happens when you don't watch the game yourself. #Whatevs). Mariota threw the ball to him while he was close to two defenders, and Jason Verrett (CB) hit him hard. The hit resulted in Sharpe being evaluated for a possible concussion, and ultimately kept him out for the rest of the game. Good news though! The Titans reported in yesterday's press conference that he is all clear, and will return to action on Monday.

Quick Hit: Kevin Byard soaks in his first NFL game.

That's all for today. Happy reading!