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Where does ESPN rank Matt Cassel among NFL back-up QBs?

The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

Field Yates of ESPN ranked all 32 back-up quarterbacks today. He is not a big fan of new Titans' back-up Matt Cassel. Yates has him as the 30th best back-up. Yikes! Here is what he had to say about Cassel:

The Titans signed Matt Cassel this offseason in a move that will aid the development of starter Marcus Mariota, the centerpiece of their roster. Cassel struggled as a fill-in starter for Tony Romo in Dallas last season, combining for 11 interceptions and fumbles against just five touchdown passes.
30 seems a little bit low, but honestly, are talking about back-up quarterbacks here. Does it rally matter?

The answer to that is no, but it is the offseason so we talk about it. My biggest issue here is that he has Dan Orlovsky who once ran out of the back of the end zone accidentally ahead of Cassel. That's crazy talk.

The hope is obviously that Cassel doesn't ever have to play and this whole post is unnecessary.