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Titans raise $20,000 for Make-A-Wish

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

How's that for click-baity??? Anyway, Mike Mularkey auctioned off the opportunity to call the first two plays in Saturday night's preseason game for the Make-A-Wish foundation. The auction ended up raising $20,000(!) for the charity. That's incredible!

Here is what Mularkey had to say about the auction:

Here's what happened: Jon Robinson and I were at a Waiting for Wishes Make-A-Wish Celebrity Dinner. We were there as guests. We were not there as celebrity waiters. I've done it. I did it in Atlanta. I offered the first play of the preseason game up for auction—let somebody come in here, see how we function, how everything operates here and really go through a game plan with them. Bring them in to the offensive room where all of our coaches were, which they did yesterday, and the board is up for the Chargers. And we talked through a lot of the plays that are up there and give them the ability to call the first play. In Atlanta, it went for $500. I thought what a great thing. It's an easy thing. It's an easy play. These guys will respond to the play, whatever it is. This year got out of hand and went for $20,000. So two groups bid $10,000 each to call the first two plays of the game. I thought for the first preseason game, the first two plays, you're going to get probably five kids that are going to get wishes for life. It was pretty good. It was a really special night, and then yesterday they were here. They got a great day, a really great day.

What play would you call? I'd call a bomb to Delanie Walker!