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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I'm the rookie..."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Jack Conklin appears to be doing well. The biggest goal going into this off-season was to keep Mariota upright, and dang it, the Titans went out to meet that goal. They signed Ben Jones and drafted Conklin, and traded for Murray and drafted Henry (both will assist in the blocking department as well). Mularkey watched the tape from this past weekend's scrimmage, and was happy with the protection that he saw. Conklin obviously is a variable in that protection, and helped the Offensive Line win the WWE style Championship belt again when he successfully blocked Jurrell "Destroyer of Worlds" Casey.

Quick Hit: How do you rattle Mariota?

Observations from day ten of Training Camp from Jim Wyatt. The receivers did some things that stood out yesterday at camp (making some tough catches, winning one-on-one drills...stuff like that), Kevin Byard is getting some praise (Mularkey thinks he is going to be a special player, and can see he has a lot of confidence), Josh Aubrey retired (dang it, and I just bought his jersey too), the usual suspects are still out with injuries, and then there are some tidbits he lists.

Quick Hit: Six topics with Offensive Line coach Russ Grimm.

Mariota says that he has to be hard on himself. Mariota says that he holds himself to a really high standard, and he doesn't want anyone to expect anything less. He is looking forward to playing in a game (Chargers this Saturday), so he can see improvement on the offense. So far he has liked what he has seen from the offense, but ball security is still one of his top priorities.

Double Quick Hits!
John Glennon's observations from day ten of Training Camp.
Photo Gallery from day ten.

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