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Brett Kern fakes injury during special teams period at Titans training camp

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mularkey the innovator....OK now that I have your attention, Mularkey did do something today in training camp that I have never heard of before. He had Titans punter, Brett Kern, who is the holder for field goal attempts, fake an injury to see how the special teams unit would respond. Matt Cassel is the backup holder and he jumped in there without missing a beat.

Ryan Succop didn't handle it as well, however. He missed his first two attempts before putting the third one through the uprights:

I really like this idea. It puts the guys in a situation that is not uncommon during NFL games- a guy being out for at least a play or two because of an injury. It also came at a time where no one was expecting it. I was watching Twitter and all of the beat reporters there bought Kern's acting (maybe he has a career after football).