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Titans could change their uniforms in 2018

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

I know one thing, anyone who accuses Amy Adams Strunk of not caring about owning this team needs to update their narrative. She has been at practice the last two days and is talking to the media....not to mention all of the upgrades that have happened at St. Thomas Sports Park.

Today, Paul Kuharsky has a story where he talked to AAS about potential changes to the Titans uniforms in the future (something that is widely debated among Titans fans). AAS told Kuharsky that changing the uniform is a two-year process with the NFL (from the linked article):

We can refresh and they definitely could use a little updating, but it takes a while to get that done,” Strunk told at Tuesday’s training camp practice. “I kind of visited with the league office about it a little bit a couple months ago.....I’m going to go back. It can’t happen this year. I think it’s a two-year thing.
She did go on to say that they won't be changing the logo that is on the ceiling the Titans locker room (presumably because it wasn't cheap to get that up there). Some fans prefer the sword logo to the "flaming thumbtack."

Which logo do you prefer?