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Danny Kelly calls the Titans a team that will make the NFL Fun Again

The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't already, you should check out The Ringer, the new site run by Bill Simmons. There are a lot of people who wrote for Grantland writing over there, and Simmons has also acquired some new talent. One of those new guys is Danny Kelly- formerly of Field Gulls.

Kelly wrote an article today entitled "Three Teams That Will Make the NFL Fun Again." The Titans are one of the 3 teams that Kelly wrote up. He actually had something positive to say about the Titans hiring Mularkey!!!11 Maybe it is just the offseason talking, but I am actually getting excited about this team as well.

You should check out the article. It will get you excited about the offense this team is going to run out there. Here is my favorite part of the article:

You just don’t see 242-pound running backs that can move like the former Heisman winner can; he has a rare combination of athleticism and size that you’d typically see in a defensive end or outside linebacker. Think it’d be fun to watch Von Miller carry the rock? You never will, but Henry gives us something close. He fell out of the first round of the draft because of real limitations with his short-area quickness behind the line, but lucky for him — he has linked up with the perfect scheme to maximize his talents.

Could this offense actually be fun to watch?? I think it just might.