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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: George vs. Wycheck

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With one Final Four matchup set up, we shift our focus to the other side of the bracket.

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Yesterday's poll was, well, a word that I am not allowed to type on this website. Unfortunately, some people have decided to take things upon themselves to ruin everything for the whole crowd. So, to prevent ballot stuffing, voting will be done in a different form for the rest of the tournament. From now on, I will post two comments below in the comments section--one for each respective player. From there, any signed in MusicCityMiracles user can "rec" the comment, and by 11 PM Eastern time, whoever has more "recs" will advance. If those who were stuffing the ballots before really want to waste time creating fake accounts, I feel sorry for them. I also feel sorry for those who just like to read the site and don't have accounts, because those who were genuinely participating no longer can. With all of that being said, we continue with our matchup of the day:

(1) Eddie George: The more that I think about Eddie George, the more that I think he could end up winning the entire tournament. He carried so many Titans teams on his back, and his tough style of play perfectly meshed with the identity around those teams. Jeff Fisher gave him the ball hundreds of teams every season, and he consistently performed. It opened things up for Steve McNair and the passing game, and the offense as a whole was able to control the ball, which wore out defenses, never let the opposing offense get into a rhythm, and kept the defense fresh. He was the focal point of some of the best teams that we've seen assembled in Nashville.

(3) Frank Wycheck: Wycheck was another key piece of some amazing Titans teams. When Steve McNair was a young quarterback that was forced to make plays in the passing game due to teams stuffing the box, Wycheck proved to be a very reliable safety blanket. When the Titans needed a play through the air, it always seemed like Frank Wycheck was the one who got it done. He consistently got open and made plays in the passing game, and could stay in and block as well. He was a truly dynamic and versatile tight end that brought a whole new dimension to the Titans offense.

My vote: Both of these guys are two classic Titans. They were the foundation of special some Titans teams that were built in the early 2000's. While Wycheck was an absolutely amazing Titan, and will always be a fan favorite, I have to vote for Eddie George here. He carried many Titans teams on his back, and it will be tough for anyone to knock him out.

Updated Bracket: