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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: Matthews vs. Mariota

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Who will face Steve McNair in the Final Four?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

After yesterday, we have our first Titan to advance to the final four--Steve McNair. This one comes as no surprise. He's incredibly loved by the fanbase, and anything less than a final four appearance would have been viewed as unacceptable by the majority of the fanbase. Today, our matchup features another one of the favorites from the beginning matched up against a Titan that was unlikely to make it this far:

(1) Bruce Matthews: After a sketchy round 1, Matthews made a very nice recovery last round against Kyle Vanden Bosch, finishing with almost quadruple the amount of votes. Today, his matchup is against someone who just took down a future fellow Hall of Fame offensive lineman. That being said, Matthews has about every accolade in the book, three times over. He was one of the first key pieces of the Tennessee Titans' franchise, and was the anchor along the offensive line for some of the most significant times in team history. Matthews was one of the early favorites, and despite a somewhat rocky road, he really has predictably rolled through this bracket so far.

(3) Marcus Mariota: No matter what happens today, this bracket proved Titans' fans collective faith in Marcus Mariota, and it proved that he has already made an incredible impact on this franchise. He is carrying this thing on his back. Everything is centered around him, and he is the key to turning things around. In such a short time, things have gone from completely hopeless to the franchise having a very bright future, thanks to Mariota. All of the players look up to him, he brings a whole new attitude and mentality, and he is one of the most talented players that we have seen come through Nashville at the most important position on the field. His impact on this franchise has, and will continue to be immense. Marcus Mariota has already made this franchise, his.

My vote: Marcus Mariota has come a long way in this tournament, longer than most expected, but I think that Bruce Matthews has to be the pick here. If we do this again in 10 years, the results may be different, but today, I am going to give it to Bruce Matthews.

Updated Bracket: