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Joey Bosa not reporting to Chargers camp today

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

IT'S NOT US THIS YEAR!!!!11 The San Diego Chargers report for training camp today and Steve Wyche of the NFL Network is reporting that Joey Bosa will not report with the rest of the team because he still hasn't signed his contract. Guess what part of the hold up is....yep, you guessed it, the dreaded offset language.

Can we call this the curse of Ken Whisenhunt? Think about it..the Titans had trouble getting their first round picks under contract when The Whiz was here. Now Whiz is in San Diego and they can't get their first round pick signed. Coincidence? I think not (see rule 39).

Bosa's contract will get done in short order. As we all know, deadlines spur action and having a rookie miss much time in today's NFL is just stupid.

In other news, as Lindsey pointed out this morning, Titans players report today. Here's to hoping everyone shows up healthy and passes the conditioning test!