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Tennessee Titans News Links: Players report today!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Alright. Let's kick things off with another "Training Camp Preview" article by Jim Wyatt. Today we focus on the safeties.The Titans said, "Deuces!" to Michael Griffin during the off-season. They signed Rashad Johnson to a one year deal during free agency, and drafted Kevin Byard.

In the spotlight: Searcy. In his first season with the Titans, Searcy provided stability on the back end. He played in 15 games, and recorded 54 tackles and an interception. The INT came in the season finale against the Colts. Searcy will be part of a new tandem on the back end of the defense, so developing chemistry will be important. But Searcy should be more comfortable, and in a position to make more plays this fall. The Titans would like to see Searcy create more turnovers in his second season with the team.

Quick Hit: John Glennon gets in on the training camp previews, and previews the Defensive Line.

Glennon gives us 3 reasons it will be the Titans year...and then turns around and gives us 3 reasons why it won't be their year. He says it will be the Titans year because this will be Mariota's second season, and he should show some improvement after his impressive rookie season. He also says the promise of a run game, and more defensive depth are other reasons why there should be some optimism surrounding the Titans. Now as for why there should be some caution: first they need to prove it. Sure you can talk the talk, but now you need to walk the walk. Another reason to burst the bubble: the wide receiver position. Holy there needs to be a lot of improvement there. Finally he says the young offensive line should also pump some brakes on optimism.

Quick Hit: Glennon's camp preview for the Linebackers.

The Titans players are ready for training camp! I would certainly hope they are considering they report today! Their first practice is on Saturday. OTAs finished in mid June, and some players stuck around town to train, and others took some vacation and hung out with family. Players are now eager to get back to work, and prepare for the upcoming season.

Quick Hit: Robinson aims to be "void of sentimentality" on the roster.

That's all for today. Happy reading!