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Deadspin's "Why your team sucks" is back; Today they take on the Titans

The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

Every year about this time the folks over at Deadspin break out their "Why your team sucks" series. They are usually really funny. Today they took on the Titans. Look, I want to get really mad about that post, but there is a lot of truth in it.

However, Drew Magary, who wrote this article is really wrong on 2 counts- where he says that week 1 last year was the apex of Marcus Mariota's career and the part about nobody else wanting Jon Robinson. I get that it is a piece that is written to pull out the worst possible scenario for everyone and everything, but a little research would have shown Mr. Magary that Robinson is widely respected around the league, but hey, the attempt at humor there was cute.

Go read the piece. It is pretty funny, and I think if we are being honest, we can all identify with the reaction to Mike Mularkey being named the head coach.