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Countdown To Titans Training Camp: Candidates To Make The Leap

Who are some of the top candidates to take the next step in 2016?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have completed their first off-season under new General Manager, Jon Robinson. While he made some big time moves, and has provided the fanbase with hope, we are all waiting on actual production. This summer, training camp will show whether or not we will actually see it. With not much time left, we will take a look at a different topic each remaining day, until things get started.

The team is counting on a number of players to make significant improvement in order to take a step up from being a bottom dweller in the league. A number of Titans' teams in recent years have been in the same place, but the year 1-to-2 guys largely failed to make the jump. Now, some new players who have shown promise are poised to become factors in the Titans upswing. Who are these key players?

Deiontrez Mount: Mount had a promising start to the season last year. Drafted in the same class as his former teammate Lorenzo Mauldin, some said that he was more talented. While he came in with some raw ability, he still needed much refining in his game. He made some plays early, but went down with a season ending injury after the first quarter of the season. Later on, Derrick Mogan would also go down with injury, and the Titans were left with little to no depth on the outside. This year, both will return, and outside linebacker seems plentiful on the surface. However, Mount needs to make improvement from where he left off in order to be a formidable option behind Morgan and Orakpo. His development was already more of a project, and now his season ending injury adds another obstacle. We will see if he has any limitations, or if he can pick up where he left off this summer.

Quinton Spain: While Spain went undrafted, he worked his way into a starting role by the end of 2015. After every option in front of him failed, he was given an opportunity. When he got onto the field, he displayed his mauling traits, and looked to be a good fit for the future. Now, he is facing competition for the starting job, but has been touted as the favorite. Considering Mike Mularkey's offensive philosophy, Spain's mauling style should fit perfectly and mesh well with the run game. Time will tell if he is ready to finally lock up left guard.

Angelo Blackson: Blackson was another defensive player added along who had a great deal of raw athleticism and ability, but needed time to develop. During year 1, he displayed his talent and athleticism, and added some much needed depth to the defensive line. If he can continue on his upward trend, the Titans can continue to rotate linemen and keep everyone fresh while not seeing a drop in production.

Year after year, we have seen the team completely fall apart after injuries due to a lack of depth. Now, the Titans have a chance to have some strong options deeper than the surface. However, things are contingent upon their development. Only time will tell.