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2016 Titans 90-man roster ranking: 89-81

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Four brave MCM contributors took on the task of ranking the players on the Titans 90 man roster. (There was some confusion on which roster to use, so this countdown will actually start at #89.) Anyway, each of the 4 sent their rankings to me and I sorted and averaged the rankings to come up with the master list.

Today we start with #89-80. These guys would all be considered long-shots to make the roster, but hey, anything is possible.

89. Ben Roberts- WR

If there were a roster award from Mr. Irrelevant, it would go to Roberts. He is a poor man's Marc Mariani...and the real Mariani wasn't really that good. Roberts will be lucky to stay on the roster until camp opens, but hey, he can always say he was on an NFL roster. There is something to be said for that!

88. Aldrick Rosas- K

Every year there are 2 kickers when camp opens. Most of the time the 2nd guy has no shot at making the roster. That is the case this year with Rosas. The only scenario where he has any shot at making this roster is with an injury to Ryan Succop.

87. Bennett Okotcha- CB

The Titans have been hurting for depth at corner for a couple of years. They have added some depth this offseason with guys like Brice McCain and Antwon Blake. That hurts Okotcha's chances of making the roster, but he could be a guy that makes some noise in camp.

86. Mike Smith- DE

Smith is another undrafted free agent that looks like a long-shot to make the roster. He did put up a really nice career at Southern Miss with 44 starts in 4 years.

85. Nick Ritcher- OT

Tackle is a place where the Titans are relatively thin, and Ritcher is another guy with 40+ starts in his college career. I doubt he makes the roster, but he could be a practice squad candidate if Russ Grimm likes what he sees from him in camp.

84. Sam Bergen- FB

Look, I know we have heard all about exotic smashmouth, but there is no way 2 fullbacks make this roster. Jalson Fowler has that spot locked up. Sorry, Sam.

83. Alex Ellis- TE

Ellis is also going to be a victim of the numbers game. Mike Mularkey does love his tight ends, but Ellis isn't jumping ahead of guys like Delanie Walker, Anthony Fasano and/or Craig Stevens.

82. Terrell Lathan- DE

Lathan is a big man at 6-4 292. He has ideal size to be a 3-4 DE, but with only 17 starts in college, it is doubtful that the ability is there.

81. Reece Horn- WR

Every year there is a receiver that wins the hearts of Titans fans in the preseason. Is Horn that guy this year? Either way, he isn't making the roster.

80. Tyler Marz- OT

Here we have another 40 start guy who comes from the offensive line factory that is Wisconsin. He could be a guy that has a shot at making the practice squad.