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Tennessee Titans News Links: One week closer to training camp!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Well, I won't back down,
No I won't back down..."

Titans Links!
The Titans have agreed to terms with their last remaining unsigned rookie! Safety Kevin Byard was the last Titans rookie to sign, and he did so just in time for training camp (which begins on the 30th)! He played for MTSU where he racked up 19 interceptions in four seasons, and called it a "dream come true" to be drafted by the Titans. When drafted, Robinson stated Byard has excellent ball skills, shows he is a productive player, and that he has the qualities of a "team-first guy."

Quick Hit: Jim Wyatt's mailbag.

Lewan is ready to prove himself. He believes the biggest thing in life is competing against other people, and the internal struggle within yourself is biggest thing to keep yourself motivated. He has been working so hard this off-season because he has been pushing himself against himself to be better than he has been. Cox has stated that Lewan's work ethic this year is completely different than it was last year. Cox goes onto say Lewan's mentality has been terrific, and that you can tell he wants it more.

Quick Hit: Titans training camp "battle": Quarterbacks edition.

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