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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: Championship Round

Who will be deemed the greatest Tennessee Titan of all-time?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The day has finally come! We have reached the Championship round, and as widely expected, Steve McNair will face off against Eddie George. Some players would have had to pull off massive upsets in order to break up this highly anticipated matchup. However, no one could as both Steve McNair and Eddie George have absolutely rolled through this entire bracket, including complete blowouts of their opponents in the final four. Now, they will both face off. Who will come out on top?

(1) Steve McNair: When it comes to McNair's matchup with Eddie George, there will be a chicken vs. the egg debate. No one can deny his yearly production as he developed as a quarterback, obviously including his MVP season. To say that he was completely reliant upon Eddie George would be extremely inaccurate and disrespectful to McNair. That being said, when trying to decide which of this two will come out on top today, we have to determine whose role was more significant, and who played at a higher level.

(1) Eddie George: Eddie George was a vital part of just about every McNair-led offense. With Jeff Fisher coaching, the philosophy was always tough running, and wearing the opposing defense out while the Titans played great defense. George helped the team execute this plan to a tee. For many years, especially 1999, he was what made the offense go, which is what had the team clicking on all cylinders. His case is just as strong as McNair's.

My vote: There is no wrong answer here. Without these two amazing players, the Titans' early success after moving to Nashville would have been non-existent. These were two absolutely crucial players who meshed really well together in every capacity. That being said, I am going to go with Steve McNair here. The quarterback typically gets the bump, and it is no different here.

Updated Bracket: