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Pro Football Focus ranks the NFL offensive lines

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another list from Pro Football Focus. This time it is the offensive line. Here's the weird thing, they ranked the Titans offensive line better than they ranked Marcus Mariota. That's pretty insane.

Anyway, here are the comments from the article:

Last season, the Titans played 28 different offensive-line combinations, second-most only to the Patriots. Tennessee has spent first-round picks on linemen in three of the last four seasons, so if any franchise has a lot of potential that hasn’t been fully reached yet, it’s located in Nashville. Lewan hasn’t quiet reached the play that warrants an early-first-round pick, though he has still been a solid tackle overall. Warmack looked to be on a positive path before struggling in the early weeks of the 2015 season, though he did bounce back later on in the year.

Again, maybe it is the offseason optimism, but I think the Titans offensive line is actually going to be pretty good this season. Taylor Lewan is going to step up this year and Jack Conklin is going to be a stud. Again, maybe just that offseason optimism....