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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: Johnson vs. George

One half of the Championship is set, who will come out victorious on the other side?

Elsa/Getty Images

Steve McNair blew Bruce Matthews out of the water yesterday. He has rolled through this entire tournament, and even against someone with the incredible accolades like Bruce Matthews, he received an amazing amounts of votes. Many expected a McNair-George final, and we are halfway there. Today will settle the other half:

(1) Eddie George: Eddie George's trajectory throughout this tournament has been very similar to our first semifinal winner, Steve McNair. He has absolutely blown through the competition to this point. However, to get to the championship round to face McNair, he needs to take down a running back that put up better numbers than him during his Titans' career. However, while he does not have the same numbers as Chris Johnson, he has a lot of the intangible factors going for him that could very well give him the edge. He was a tough runner, a leader, and hs the sentimental factor going for him. It will be interesting to see how things play out.

(1) Chris Johnson: From a pure numbers standpoint, Chris Johnson was the most prolific offensive player that this franchise has seen. While his running style was almost the antithesis of Eddie George's, you cannot argue with the results. He absolutely changed several games for the Titans with his huge runs that seemed like a guarantee week in, and week out. The only thing he has against him is the off the field factor, and the end of his Titans' career. That being said, there is absolutely no way that one can overlook his incredible production.

My vote: Chris Johnson put up some amazing numbers as a Titan. However, Eddie George's production yielded success that this franchise has never seen before nor since. He also took on a huge leadership role. The team wide success and emotional factor put George over Johnson for me.

Updated Bracket: