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Pro Football Focus ranks the QB situations in the NFL

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus ranked the quarterback situations for every team in the NFL. They ranked the Titans 26th. We will get to the comments in a minute. I want everyone to bookmark this page so that we can point back to it a year from now, when the Titans are in the top 15 of this same ranking, and laugh.

I understand why you currently put Marcus Mariota behind guys like Jay Cutler and Sam Bradford, but anyone with eyes has to know that it is a little bit ridiculous.

Here are the comments on Mariota from the article:

Last season, injuries robbed us of a clearer understanding of what Mariota is capable of at this level. One of the most efficient college passers in an offense that caused wide open shots all the time at Oregon, Mariota was up and down as a rookie and remains something of a question mark. He had excellent games as well as a couple of poor ones, but overall was only really good when he was kept clean in the pocket, completing 66.5 percent of his passes when under no pressure and earning a positive grade. When heat was applied, or even just when he was blitzed, that performance dipped significantly. If the Titans need to turn to the bench at all in 2016, they are likely to suffer some very poor play from Matt Cassel, who hasn’t performed well in a long time.

Can't say I disagree on the assessment of Cassel there....