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Tennessee Titans News Links: Burton Elrod is a cool name. #ForReal

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"We didn't start the fire,
It was always burning, 
Since the world's been turning..."

Titans Links!
The Titans' team doctor Burton Elrod is leaving the team after being with the organization for 19 years. He says he has been doing this long enough, and it's time for a break. He feels the team is being left in very capable hands, and that the team itself is getting ready to turn a corner. Elrod will be replaced by Dr. David Moore. Moore was head team physician for the Predators from 2007 to 2008, and has worked for Elrod's Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.

Quick Hit: On location with Marcus Mariota.

John Glennon lists off the top 10 off-season moves the Titans have made. I'll list them off quickly here, but check out his article for his analysis: 1. Jon Robinson being named General Manager. 2. Retaining Mularkey as Head Coach. 3. Dealing draft picks. 4. The trade for DeMarco Murray. 5. Drafting Conklin and Sharpe. 6. Making LeBeau the for real Defensive Coordinator. 7. Extending Delanie Walker. 8. Singing Ben Jones (who, by the way, drank his own urine once). 9. The signing of Rishard Matthews. 10. Cutting Griffin, and signing Rashad Johnson.

Quick Hit: Five Titans who have something to prove in their contract year.

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