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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: Bironas vs. Kearse

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Wrapping up round 2 with an interesting pair of players.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The second round has been a lot of fun to watch. We have had upsets, near upsets, and some close matchups. Also, to add a little more spice to the whole exercise, we have people going onto private browsers, refreshing the page hundreds of times repeatedly voting, which is extremely sad. The fact that we cannot do something fun as a community to get to training camp without people wasting minutes on minutes of their day just to alter a poll is just really sad. To whoever decided to take things into their own hands because they had nothing better to do, I am really sorry that, that is the case. Here's hoping you get a hobby. Now, on to the final matchup of the week:

(2) Jevon Kearse: Kearse seems to be a forgotten man in this bracket. However, he rolled through round 1, and could very well find himself in the final four with a chance to go to the Championship. And this is not a fluke. Kearse was extremely impactful along the defensive line. He completely changed the game with his ability to relentlessly get after the passer. After being drafted by the Titans, Kearse instantly brought the defense up to a whole new level, which was Super Bowl caliber. One could easily make the argument that Kearse is the best Titans' defender that we've seen.

(3) Rob Bironas: This week, Bironas has an entirely different matchup. He could have his work cut out for him because of his position. However, Bironas transcends the "just a kicker" label. He won the Titans several games throughout his career. There were times when he was the main source of points, and several other times when he saved the game with huge, last second kicks. Every time the Titans needed a field goal, he delievered. He did not play a position that is flashy, but he had an absolutely enormous impact on games week after week, and delivered every time.

My vote: To be completely honest, due to sentiment, I want Rob Bironas to win this matchup and advance. However, I think I have to vote for Jevon Kearse here. He was just so impactful and brought the entire defense around him, up.

Updated Bracket: