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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: George vs. McCourty

An all-time great goes up against a current Titan.

Craig Jones/Getty Images

Yesterday's matchup completed the first round for the entire left side of the bracket. On the left, all round 2 matchups are set. Today, we will begin the right side of the bracket. That means that we have another 1-8 matchup on our hands:

(1) Eddie George: 27 will be a strong contender for the Championship. He was an absolutely vital piece to some of the early Titans teams. A Heisman trophy winner, George was one of the toughest runners that this league has seen. While Steve McNair was amazing in his own right, one could easily argue that George was the focal point of the offense before 2003. Jeff Fisher revolved the entire offense around his tough running, and he beat defenses up until they gave in, in the fourth quarter. Some of his most memorable moments came in the 1999 Super Bowl run, when he busted things wide open with his touchdown run against the Colts, and running through Rams defenders to get into the endzone in the middle of a great comeback in the Super Bowl. Not only was Eddie George a supremely talented player that carried the Titans offense for years, he also led them emotionally. He was an extremely passionate player and leader, always giving fiery speeches before games. Eddie George was a perfect embodiment of what a Tennessee Titan should be.

(8) Jason McCourty: "J-Mac" has been a great player for the Titans in his time here. He was a 7th round pick, who was relatively unknown at the beginning of his career. In 2009, injuries at cornerback thrust him into starting way before he was ready. One of his first starts was against the Patriots in the infamous 59-0 game. He was just completely overmatched that day. However, he continued to work hard and improve, and became a good NFL cornerback in 2010. By 2011, he was even better, and became a well-known name in the league. By 2012, he earned himself a 5 year, $43 contract extension. Naturally, he became a fan favorite due to his rise from where he started. His past couple of years have been effected by injuries, but he is still a good cornerback in this league, and is still a favorite among the fans.

My vote: This one should be very obvious.

Updated Bracket: