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Tennessee Titans News Links: Rapid Fire Links!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Reluctantly crouched at the starting line,
Engines pumping and thumping with time..."

*Links are going to be rapid fire today.

Titans Rapid Fire Links!
Titans OC Terry Robiskie is excited for Mariota and the offense. He says the offense is a work in progress. He is wicked excited about calling the offensive plays and putting together game plans for this upcoming season. He also feels Mularkey is trying to win a Super Bowl. HE BETTER BE TRYING TO!

Here are three quick notes from Jim Wyatt on Tuesday's OTAs. He notes the practice was unscripted, Sharpe had a number change, and that some of the defensive players made some nice plays.

Check out a Photo Gallery of the 2nd annual "Titan Up for Tots" community baby shower.

Deiontrez Mount is excited to be back on the field. He played in four games last season before being placed on IR due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament he suffered during practice. He is still healing, but has been participating in OTAs. Right now he feels about 80-90%, but feels he will be ready by training camp.

Mariota hopes to attend the 2016 CMA Fest. Yeehaw!

Remember when Wright would just go out there and wing it? Yeah no more of that. It was cool to do it under the offenses ran by Chris Palmer (holy wow...I forgot all about that guy) and Dowell Lowgains. #Whizbutt wasn't a fan, and tried to change Wright's ways (and that failed). Well now Robiskie is in town, and he is putting his foot down. He has said that Wright and no other receiver will be freelancing their routes.

The Titans are still experimenting with the offensive line. They are still working on who will go where, and putting guys at different positions along the line. Left Guard and Right Tackle are the biggest question marks right now. Who will win the starting spots? We will have to wait!

Robiskie says Mariota is a "Wow" Quarterback.

That's all for today. Happy reading!