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Who is the most frustrating Titan of all time?

There are a lot of ways you could go.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Who is that guy? Who is that one player that can get your blood boiling more than any other? Maybe it's a player from 15 years ago or maybe even one that's on the current roster. We want to know.

The Titans certainly have no shortage of frustrating players to choose from. You could go from one of the several draft busts like Andre Woolfolk, Chris Henry, Tyrone Calico, Bishop Sankey or you could go with the guys that had their moments but never really put it all together -- Vince Young, Jake Locker, Pacman Jones all come to mind.

For me, my most frustrating player was Kenny Britt. After a solid rookie campaign and a nine touchdown sophomore season, Britt was set to break out in year three. He was on pace to do just that when a devastating knee injury ended his season.

He took a big step back in 2012 and then all the sudden seemed to forget how to catch the football in 2013. The injuries paired with the shenanigans in New Jersey in the off-season made Britt a frustrating case. I think he was more frustrating than Justin Hunter (who landed 2nd on my list) just because we saw the flashes of dominance. He just couldn't seem to get past that little bit of knuckle-head in him.

Let us know who your most frustrating Titans' player is below!