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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I believe in the coach."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Yeah runnin' down a dream,
That never would come to me.."

Titans Links!
Jack Conklin says DeMarco Murray is taking charge. He says that Murray runs hard (even in OTAs), and will point out if you did something wrong and how to correct it. He says he is an intense guy, and that to him (Conklin) seeing a running back take charge is new to him. He likes it though. It keeps everyone on their toes and accountable. Hopefully Murray and this line can develop a much needed running game next season.

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Brian Orakpo is also liking what he is seeing out of Murray. The two have played against each other going all the way back to college. He believes Murray can do it all plus more. He thinks people looking at Murray's season last year as a "down year" is only helping to fuel the fire inside him. He thinks there are a lot of reasons DeMarco had the season he did last year, but he feels a resurgence is about to happen.

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Kevin Carter (played with the Titans from 2001-2004), likes what the Titans have in coach Mike Mularkey. He feels Mularkey has what it takes to make players buy into what he is selling. He feels Mularkey has the skill set to empower other people by reaching out and caring to get involved in the lives of his players, and treating them with respect at the same time. Carter believes in Mularkey, and believes he has the ability to manage and work with all the personalities on the team, and push them to be successful.

Quick Hit: Robinson is seeking a clear picture for the Titans' 2017 draft.

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