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Tennessee Titans News Links: "It is what it is."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Well it's yours!
You can have it if it means that much to you..."

Titans Links!
Is the Titans' offensive line too young and inexperienced to be successful? Paul K breaks down the years of experience along the line to help answer the question. New Titan's Center Ben Jones likes the Titans' chances. He likes the youth and talent along the line, and believes they can put together a solid unit for years to come. Nothing will be certain, of course, until the season begins. There are several first round picks invested in the line. It would certainly be nice to see that investment finally pay off.

Quick Hit: Mike Heimerdinger's son remembers his father's spirit.

Brian Schwenke (remember him) is working to improve his game during OTAs. He doesn't have to look far to find competition. It's all around the guy. Schwenke is already good friends with Ben Jones, and doesn't look at the other players as competition. He feels everyone just wants to go out and play the best football they can. He is still recovering from last season't injury, and has been practicing at both Center and Guard (he played Guard in college for three years). He likes the group of guys they have for the line, and believes they are all working hard and meshing well together.

Quick Hit: Jim Wyatt takes out his mailbag and answers some questions.

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