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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: Johnson vs. Walker

Could there be a third upset?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Frank Wycheck beat Michael Roos by a substantial amount yesterday, and has now taken down both Titans' offensive tackles. He has done an amazing job through the first two rounds. Next up, he will face Eddie George. He has his work cut out for him, but it is fair to ask, can he pull off the upset? We are asking the same for today's  matchup:

(1) Chris Johnson: Round 1's matchup was a walk in the park for CJ. His overwhelming numbers proved that he absolutely deserved his number 1 seed. He was one of the most prolific offensive players that the franchise has ever seen, and that the league has ever seen. In 2009, when he rushed for 2000 yards, he outright won games for the team. His impact on several games during his time here was absolutely incredible. Really, the only main knock on Johnson is that he was very inconsistent and unreliable during his last few years. If his last couple of years in Nashville were somehow erased, he would be mentioned with the all-time greats. He still should be.

(4) Delanie Walker: One could make some similar arguments for Delanie Walker, as they could for Chris Johnson. On some bad teams, Walker has been a big time bright spot and the best player on the offense. Just as Chris Johnson was a huge safety crutch for a young quarterback in Vince Young, Walker has the same role now for Marcus Mariota. However, if there is a difference between the two, it is that Johnson had more of the flashy, playmaking, game-changing ability. Walker may be more reliable, and well-liked among the fanbase, however. There is certainly give and take on both sides.

My vote: I am a big, big Delanie Walker fan. There has been a lot of talk about Walker pulling off the upset in this matchup for a while. While I can definitely see people voting for Delanie Walker in this matchup because he is in good graces with the fanbase unlike Johnson, I will not be one of them. Chris Johnson was absolutely prolific and changed the offense for years. While Delanie Walker is an amazing player, my vote goes to CJ2K.

Updated Bracket: