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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: Wycheck vs. Roos

A riveting matchup between two incredible Titans.

Elsa/Getty Images

Eddie George defeated Jurrell Casey in a landslide yesterday. He is absolutely rolling through this tournament. As the matchups continue to get tougher, it will be interesting to see if he keeps winning by such a large margin. That being said, today's matchup should be much, much closer:

(2) Michael Roos: Roos steamrolled through round 1. He is a very well respected player among the fanbase, and had a very favorable matchup. However, outside of his matchup and some no-brainers with Bruce Matthews, offensive linemen have had a little bit of trouble in this tournament. That being said, Roos seems to be one guy who could transcend this trend. He was absolutely crucial in terms of turning the franchise's fortunes around. He shored up the offensive line, protected a rookie quarterback in Vince Young en route to a Rookie of the Year award, was a key piece to some of the best offensive lines in the NFL, and blocked for a 2000 yard rusher. While offensive linemen mainly stay out of the spotlight, Roos was always a fan favorite. He was a top left tackle in the NFL for many years, and the Titans have still struggled to find his replacement to this day.

(3) Frank Wycheck: Last week, Frank Wycheck faced the right tackle from the mid-to-late 2000's Titans teams in David Stewart, and fared really well. This week, he is matched up against the man that shored up the other side. When it comes to this tournament, Frank Wycheck has a lot going for him. He has the sentimentality factor thanks to the Music City Miracle and his role in the early 2000's teams with Steve McNair, the talent, numbers, and much more. His matchup against Michael Roos is very, very interesting. They are two different kinds of players, but both are true Titans in every sense.

My vote: This one really made me think. On one hand, Michael Roos had a giant impact, and has left a giant hole since he left. On the other hand, Frank Wycheck was an all-time great at tight end, a key piece for some great Titans' teams, and has a heaping amount of fan popularity. You really cannot go wrong with either choice here. I decided to go with Frank Wycheck by a hair.

Updated Bracket: